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We consider it as our customer's responsibility to provide us with accurate information including valid and active email addresses and phone numbers. Our clients must respond to the emails that we send them or contact us through other means within a reasonable period of time. If we do not receive a reply within 14 days, we reserve the right to suspend their accounts.

Additions and modifications

Please note that once our work order is completed, additional charges may be applied to any changes that the customers want us to make on the websites. We will consider additional work only after a written request sent to us by the customer and agrees to pay additional charges in writing. When we make changes to your website after an order is completed, we consider it a new order. Our customer must fill out the application form and follow due process. Webenlance is a little flexible when it comes to changes, but we reserve the right to decide if and when additional charges are applicable.

Late / Non-Payment

The copyright for the design is owned by Webenlance until the client has paid the agreed amount in full. Once the payment has been made in full, the client has complete ownership of the design. As mentioned on the application form, payment is due before the project is initialized. If the order form has been filled, but the payment has not been made, the project is not started and is considered suspended, until the client pays the amount. It is the responsibility of the clients to pay the agreed amount in full.

Date of completion

Webenlance will ask for full cooperation from the clients, in order to complete their project on time. Once an order has been placed, we complete it within 4 weeks. However, we will discuss the date on completion only after studying our clients' requirements in full. If we find that the client is unable to provide us with all the data we need, in order to complete the order after 8 months of billing, then the project will be cancelled and it will be suspended. However, if such a delay is caused on the part of Webenlance, the client can demand a full refund of the fees after providing the required information.

Copyrights and trademarks

Webenlance has strict policies against copyright violations. When we receive informational assets such as graphics, designs, content, logos and other elements, the client needs to guarantee that they own the copyrights for the same. We are not liable and stay protected from any damage caused by conflicts that may arise due to the assets provided by the client.


Once a design order has been completed by webenlance, the clients can use the artwork across their web properties. They may also use it for personal purposes such as newsletters, office stationery, letter heads, business cards, and others. However, the design cannot be modified in any way without intimating us about it. The clients are also not allowed to publish the art work that we create to third parties.

Right to refuse

Webenlance reserves the right to deny our service or the use of our material for illegal and immoral purposes, and if it hurts our interests. We reserve the right to cancel contracts with the clients if they do not adhere to the terms and conditions set forth by us.


Any requests for refund will only be entertained by Webenlance if they are made before the site is uploaded and goes live. Once the website is live and active, no refunds will be processed by us.

Design credit

The client must agree to place a small logo and link to Webenlance at the bottom of each of their web pages as long as it stays live. The above terms and conditions may be changed at the discretion of Webenlance. All our clients agree to the terms and conditions mentioned above for the period of the contract.

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